About us:  



This journey began in 1989 when I invited Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin to

speak at our flight school in Douglas Az.  After walking on the moon, Jim

returned to earth with a mission to share his adventure on the moon as well as his adventure with God.  His presentation renewed my interest in the space program and birthed my own vision to share the same message. In the early years, our first attraction was a replica Mercury capsule we

built that allowed individuals to go inside and experience a space mission. We also had projects that kids could do that were fun and promoted science, technology, math, engineering, and most importantly, faith. Since those early years, we have added many artifacts to our collection including the Space Shuttle which we acquired in 2007.  


The shuttle has been renovated and is now ready for booking!


June 1, 2, 3    Downtown Days Lee’s Summit, MO

June 28, 29, 30 and July 1st     Battle Creek, MI   airshow

July 2nd through July 7th  Gary, Indiana   Challenger learning center/airshow



Our first venue at a church festival with our Mercury Capsule and our exhibit inside a 16ft trailer.

An exhibit set up at a school in Overland Park Kansas.  

Having fun with a youth group.  

Vince with Apollo astronaut Jim Irwin in 1989.

Students learning to read a lunar map as well as learning about gyros.  

Creating craters with golf balls in a large pan of flour.  Lots of fun, and makes a big mess.  

Student operating a robotic arm.  

Vince and his home built Saturn Rocket with Apollo 16  moonwalker Charlie Duke.  


One of the many poems from our collection.  This poem was written

by Vince and autographed by Bruce McCandless.  Bruce not only designed

the manned maneuvering unit which allowed untethered space walks, he

was the first to test it in space.  


A cropped view of a letter from our collection.  The Apollo 8 mission

was the first  that vaulted  humans out of earth orbit and into lunar

orbit.  On Christmas eve, 1968, the astronauts read from Genesis

while circling the moon.  This transmission was heard live by over a billion people.